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Elderly Care: Barriers to Good Personal Hygiene

When it comes to taking care of the elderly, hygiene is a common issue. Poor hygiene affects a senior’s quality of life and even jeopardizes their health. Likewise, this month’s blog will discuss the common reasons why your senior loved one may refuse to bathe: Dulling senses As we age, our senses may not easily … Continue reading

The Benefits of Being Hydrated Always

You may now know by studying Science that water consists 75% of the entire human body. Just like Earth, water is the key life to continue. It can contribute to the wellness of animals, plants, and humans. Without ample amount, all living things perish in unhealthy conditions. When caring for a senior patient, experts must … Continue reading

The Benefits of Getting Home Care Services

Every elderly patient wants to be independent in their life. You can help them by getting home care services in Brooklyn, New York. Experts will identify the care plan suited to them. It can also be overwhelming to do the things necessary for the patient. Health and wellness is the top priority when it comes … Continue reading


One thing to observe as we condition our mind to the positive things we are doing to promote our health is by deleting “fear” from your mind. Focus on all the good things you are doing for your mind, body and soul. Spiritual food remains a must ─ for truth lies within the daily dose … Continue reading

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Respiratory Health

Respiratory Therapy for lung health is important for optimum health during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Apart from Respiratory assistance ordered by the physician, we at the Agency of F.A.B. LLC Homecare Services prefer to be proactive in caring for our clients rather than being reactive. In essence, we prefer preventative measures rather than … Continue reading

Keeping Your Loved One Warm In Winter

We’re well into the month of October, and the air is getting chillier by the day. And as mother nature’s thermometer drops, so does body temperature for many seniors. While we’re used to hearing our elderly complain that it’s cold and cranking up the thermostat, there is scientifically sound data to support their daily chills. … Continue reading

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