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Preventing and Managing Infections in Home Care

The goal of home health care in New York City, New York, maintains the health and independence of clients at home. Effective home care ensures that their health is not compromised by factors inside the home. Their health is affected by infections. Infections happen when microorganisms are present inside the household. Clients in New York will … Continue reading

Other Components of Home Care You Should Know

When you think about home health care in New York City, New York, you may instantly think of nurses, home health aides, and other medical professionals caring for clients at home.  While the information is correct, it does not provide the whole picture of home care.  Home care for New York residents provides relief and comfort … Continue reading

Ways to Help a Loved One Who Has Suffered a Stroke

Stroke is a devastating disease affecting more than 800,000 people in the United States alone yearly. Stroke can lead to a variety of disabilities and even death. It’s essential to know how to look after a loved one who has suffered from a stroke. Here are some tips: First, check with your loved one’s doctor … Continue reading

Why You Should Hire Home Care When You Get Older?

Aging is a natural process. We don’t have much control over it and we can’t stop it. But we can make sure that we are safe and healthy while aging. Being independent is important for everyone but when you get older, your body doesn’t work like it used to. This means that you need help … Continue reading

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Keeping It Safe with Home Clean Services

Seniors mostly stay and prefer to be at home. It gives them reassurance and comfort to be in a familiar and less disruptive place especially when a lot of things are now beyond their control, like how having mobility issues limits, their freedom of movement. Because they spend more time in the four corners of … Continue reading

Senior Wellness Through Physical Therapy

When health professionals urge the community to acknowledge and talk about the decline in a senior’s physical health, it doesn’t solely pertain to preventing falls. They also aim to help the elderly with minor tasks. Put yourself in your parent’s shoes, wouldn’t it be frustrating to lose the ability to tend to your garden or … Continue reading