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Fall Prevention: Know the Causes of Elderly Falls

Fall incidents among the elderly persons lead to injuries, disabilities, and even worse. In fact, the National Council for Aging reports that for every four American seniors aged 65+, one of them has experienced a fall. Furthermore, the same factsheet says that in every 19 minutes, a senior person perishes due to fall incidents. These … Continue reading

How to Find Mobility Aids for Seniors

When our loved ones are at the point when mobility aids become necessary, it is crucial that they get to choose the right one. While a Home Health Aide in New York can assist them in walking about, mobility aids provide more efficiency in long-distance movements. Here are helpful items to consider when looking up … Continue reading

What to Look Forward to When Entering Your Golden Years

Getting older is something that many people do not want to do, let alone look forward to. However, entering your golden years it not all bad! There are many amazing things that you can look forward to enjoying such as the home care services in Brooklyn, New York. Here are five things that you can … Continue reading

4 Common Physical Health Issues for Seniors

…and How They Can Be Prevented As you age, it’s only natural for your physical health to change as well – it’s simply a part of growing older. However, there are certain things that you can do to help you maintain or improve your physical health. You may also be able to prevent or slow … Continue reading