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Better and Healthier Meals for Seniors


Nutrition is a necessary requirement for the overall well-being of our aging loved ones. How do you ensure that they are eating healthy meals all the time? Aside from personally monitoring their daily meals, it will also be helpful to get assistance from providers of Home Care Services in New York City, New York.

If you’ve been experiencing challenges when eating with a senior loved one, here are tips to make these moments easier and more manageable:

  • Ensure that you’re eating in a quiet and distraction-free ambiance. Distractions can happen at home especially when there are televisions or mobile phones nearby. When they are distracted, they might not be able to eat well, and this can affect their digestion. Cultivate a peaceful environment at home particularly during mealtimes so you can enjoy eating together.
  • Simplify the arrangements of the table. The simpler the arrangements are, the more they can focus on what they need to eat and the more they can enjoy their time with you. Ensure that what’s on the table are only those ready for serving.
  • Always ensure that the food temperature is right for eating. Your senior loved one may not easily recognize if the food is too hot, and they can accidentally get scalded. Before you serve their meals, test the temperature always to be sure that this is right for their sense.
  • Serve the meals in smaller portions. When the team from our Home Health Care Agency is assisting the clients’ meals, we ensure that they are able to chew them easily and efficiently. Being able to chew well encourages your loved one to continue eating, and this can result in helpful appetite and regained nutrition.
  • Ensure that your loved one’s food preferences are provided. To encourage them to enjoy their meals and eat well, ask for their preferred foods to serve. When they are aware that they are eating the foods that they love, their appetite is also enticed, leading to healthy and nutritious eating habits.
  • Give your aging loved one some amount of time to eat at their own pace. Avoid pressuring them to finish right away as this can affect their digestion and might result to health consequences. Recognize that your senior loved one has their own personal pace.
  • Take time to eat with your senior loved one. When you’re eating with someone you love, don’t you just enjoy that moment? It’s the same thing for our elderly parents. When we eat with them, their appetite can also improve greatly.

Let us help in improving the mealtime conditions of your aging loved one. The agency is licensed to provide service within the 5 boroughs of NY and Nassau County, but we also extend companionship so that your family member will not feel isolated and alone. If you know that your senior family member will need quality companionship at home, we can be there for them. Just set an appointment with us at F.A.B LLC Homecare Services.

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