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Tips to Prevent Medicine-Related Problems in Seniors

tips-to-prevent-medicine-related-problems-in-seniors Issues regarding medications can be common among seniors, especially that many of them will need to take more than one medicine a day. Furthermore, they can also forget about their intake schedule, which can result in non-adherence, and which can be more harmful to their body. As a Home Health Care Agency, we also know that the risks of unsafe medications are very probable for our aging family members. Because of that, we would like to encourage our aging loved ones to prevent problems related to their medications, and here are helpful tips for them to achieve that.

  • Ensure that the medicine matches with the illness
    If you’re helping out in caring for an aging family member, make sure that what they are taking for that day is what they need for their particular health condition. The medicine will not take effect as expected when it is not the one intended for the illness. For instance, if your senior parent suffers from cough and cold, and you give them pain reliever, complications may occur.
  • Take time to read medication label
    In particular, read the drug facts indicated on the label of the medicine or on the leaflet attached. When your loved one is not able to see clearly, you can assist them in doing so, or request assistance from providers of Home Care Services in New York City, New York. Reading drug facts label will let you know about the purpose of the medicine, the side effects that you need to watch out for, the emergency signs that might occur, and how to properly store the medicine, among others.
  • Store the medicines properly
    As previously mentioned, the medication label will provide information as to how your medicine should be stored. Storage information has to be compiled because it helps preserve the potency of the medicine. Some medicines react negatively with moisture or too much heat, and this diminishes their effectiveness, hence, making them less potent for your loved one’s condition.
  • Keep a list of their medicines
    You need to know the names and other details of the medicines that your aging loved one is taking. Whether these are prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, taking note helps you take charge of their condition as you will be able to know which ones are effective and which ones lead to undesirable side effects.
  • Coordinate with their doctor
    When a Home Health Aide in New York is assisting your loved one, they will know that keeping immediate access to the doctor ensures that medication concerns are addressed immediately. Just make sure that you will ask every question related to the medicine so that you will not have wrong assumptions.

As we continue to provide quality home care services to the 5 boroughs of NY and Nassau County, you can trust that your loved one will have adequate care when they are with our team. When you need this level of quality care at home, feel free to set an appointment with us at F.A.B LLC Homecare Services.

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