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Reminding Your Senior Parents to Take Their Meds

Reminding Your Senior Parents to Take Their Meds

As your parents age, their overall health conditions may decline. Daily home chores can already be taxing. In most cases, they will need home care services in New York City, New York, to keep things going at home.

At the same time, they may require medications to maintain or improve their health. But your parents may have trouble remembering what meds to take or when to take them. While a home health care agency may send someone to their home to check on them from time to time, there are things you can do to remind them about their prescriptions:

  • List down their medications.
    Make the list as comprehensive and as detailed as possible. Doing so helps you keep track of their meds and avoid confusion. For the details, do not forget to include the name, the dosages, and the intake schedule.
  • Use paper or digital reminders.
    Write down reminders on post-its. Paste them in conspicuous places. You can also make use of online apps that sets off an alarm when they should be taking their meds.
  • Remind your parents about the task personally.
    Reminding them about their meds personally shows them that you care. If your loved ones refuse to adhere to their intake schedules, a home health aide in New York is well-equipped and well-trained to handle such behavior.

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