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First Day in Home Care: What to Do


Seniors often end up living alone in their homes once their children reach adulthood and have families of their own. Living alone can have implications on their convenience, comfort, health, and safety. Taking advantage of home care services in New York City, New York, may have already become a necessity for many aging individuals.

If you have hired the services of a home health aide in New York for your aging parents, you know that they may be uncomfortable with another person’s presence. Here are some tips on how to make the first day of engaging home care successful for your parents and the care provider.

  • Talk to your parents about the arrival of the care provider.

    Before the carer arrives, you must first discuss their arrival with your parents. This way, they will not get shocked or confused about what another person is doing in their home.

    As much as possible, give a simple explanation of what the care provider is about to do. Tell them that the presence of such a professional will help ensure their convenience and safety at home.

  • Make sure to give the care provider a tour of the home.

    The professional needs to know the layout of the home. This way, they will know where to go whenever they need to assist your parents with a task. Point out possible challenges that the individual needs to know to fulfill their duties.

  • Review your parents’ care plan.

    It is a good time to talk about the care plan in the presence of both your parents and the care provider. Verify that the plan includes the necessary services.

    This will also be a good time for both sides to establish trust between each other. Take note that trust is an integral part of a client-caregiver relationship. Give them time to discuss different matters and acclimate to each others’ personalities. Make sure to highlight your loved ones’ personalities so the care provider can evaluate what approach they will apply when taking care of their needs.

  • Talk about your loved ones’ preferences.

    Many people have certain ways of how they would like to receive assistance from others. Your senior parents are not different. They may prefer a certain manner of care from the professional. Make sure that the care provider knows what these preferences are. If possible, list them down so the individual can have notes they can go back to later on.

  • Set proper expectations.

    We expect certified care providers from a reliable home health care agency to deliver proper care to their clients. Set your expectations properly with them to ensure you receive the care that you need. Don’t be afraid to air out concerns and listen to what the provider has to say.

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