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The Common Causes of Hearing Loss


Do you sometimes hear muffled and unclear sounds in your ear? Or worse, do you not hear anything at all? The hearing loss you’re experiencing might be due to one of these causes reported by patients of our home health care agency:

  • Earwax and fluid build-up

    When the earwax blocks the ear canal, it’ll be difficult for the sound waves to pass through. In effect, the person will hear muffled sounds. Fluid build-up in the inner ear, on the other hand, is an infection that disrupts the normal functioning of the eardrums, leading to hearing loss.

  • Exposure to excessive noise

    Our hearing capacity can only tolerate 85 decibels and below. More than this is already considered excessive and can rupture the eardrums.

  • Otosclerosis

    This is a disorder of the middle ear wherein a formation of new bones in the staples affects its movement. It’s hereditary and can cause progressive hearing loss.

  • Traumatic brain injury

    Injury of the brain caused by external factors like car accidents and falls from tall buildings also lead to hearing impairment.

  • Age-related hearing loss

    This happens when the structure and functions of the inner ear are slowly declining due to old age.

In most cases, hearing impairments can be treated regardless of the root cause, and F.A.B LLC Homecare Services, your home health aide in New York, has expert audiologists to make that happen. Audiologists of our home care services in New York City, New York, can provide the best personalized treatment for hearing difficulties, guidance with the use of hearing aids, and counseling to enhance communication skills. We offer homecare services to the Five Boroughs and Nassau County to reach as many people as possible. Contact us to get started!
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