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Medication Management Tips While Traveling


Keeping up with different medication schedules can be challenging enough at home, let alone traveling. Itinerary changes, delays, and baggage issues are part of traveling. Hence, being prepared for the unexpected is essential to effective medication management. In addition to receiving skilled nursing services, there are other ways seniors can manage their medications.

As a leading provider of home health care in New York, New York, we will share medication management tips for seniors while traveling:

  • Carry a list of medications.
    When traveling to a different country or state, it is best practice to carry a list of medications. This list should mention how many times a day the senior take each medication, the appropriate dosages, and at what times. This list can be presented to customs or airport security and makes it easier to keep track of medications too.
  • Track time zone changes.
    Traveling overseas entails keeping track of any time zone changes. This not only entails changing time zones and adjusting your clocks and watches but also your medical alarms. A home health aide can provide medication reminders or set up alarms on their device.
  • Keep medications in a carry-on.
    A senior’s medications should be kept in an easy-to-reach pocket or a carry-on bag. This prevents having to rummage around the luggage looking for a specific medication. This also prevents medication non-adherence due to lost luggage or travel delays.

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