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Ways to Take Good Care of Your Lungs

Ways to Take Good Care of Your Lungs

At F.A.B LLC Homecare Services, we know how vital the functions of the lungs are. Since they are crucial for survival, keeping them healthy is a must. The following are top ways to take good care of your lungs:

  • Quit smoking.

    Smoking is a major cause of various respiratory diseases, including lung cancer and COPD. It does not only affect your lungs but also your loved ones at home.

    Stop smoking to reduce the risks of developing respiratory diseases. If you are receiving Home Care Services in New York City, New York, you can ask your provider for advice on how to quit.

  • Exercise regularly.

    Regular exercise helps strengthen your lungs. Talk to a Home Health Aide in New York to help you perform activities that are best for your lung strength.

  • Ensure good quality indoor air.

    If you spend a lot of time at home due to an injury, illness, or old age, be sure to check the quality of indoor air. Keep your home clean for the air to stay clean as well. A caregiver from a Home Health Care Agency can assist you in cleaning your home.

  • Be careful of polluted outdoor air.

    Traffic, fog, and smoke from factories are only some of the things that lead to air pollution. If you have to go outdoors, make it a habit to wear masks. Avoid exposing yourself to air pollution for too long.

By offering homecare services to the five boroughs and Nassau County, our team can help those who have respiratory conditions feel better.

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