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Your Questions About Senior Hearing Loss, Answered

Your Questions About Senior Hearing Loss, Answered

Hearing loss is a common occurrence in old age. It happens gradually and affects people within the age range of 65-75 years old. Could a loved one or you be suffering from it? F.A.B LLC Homecare Services created a short FAQ list that should help you gain the information you need.

  • What Are the Symptoms You Should Take Note Of?

    Individuals who have been diagnosed with hearing loss often exhibit:

    • Muffled speech
    • Trouble in understanding dialog. (Even more so when there is a lot of background noise.)
    • Problem with hearing consonant sounds.
    • Regularly asking others to speak more slowly, loudly, or clearly.
    • Having the need to turn up the volume of the radio or television.
    • Avoidance of social events and gatherings.
    • Withdrawal from most conversations.

    How many of these signs have you observed? Be sure to note them down. Doing so will help your doctor come up with a more accurate diagnosis. You can request a Home Health Aide in New York to accompany you for a checkup.

  • What Causes Hearing Loss in Seniors?

    Common causes include:

    • Damage to the inner area of the ear.
    • Loud noises and aging can bring about inevitable wear and tear to the nerve cells in your ear.
    • Ear infection or abnormal bone growth.
    • Damage to the middle and inner ear can give rise to hearing problems.
    • Buildup of earwax.
    • This can block the ear canal and hinder the conduction of sound waves. Thankfully, it can be remedied with earwax removal.
    • Ruptured eardrum.
    • Loud noises, changes in pressure, and poking the eardrum are the common reasons behind it.
  • When Should You See a Doctor About It?

    That will depend on the level of discomfort you experience. Have you noticed a sudden loss of hearing? Then, please seek medical attention immediately. Failing to do so might put you at risk for developing serious complications.

    Speak to your doctor. Tell them how your experience is interfering with your daily activities. There’s a good chance you might not notice age-related hearing loss since it occurs gradually. If you notice any discomfort, check with your physician.

Do You Fear You Might Be Suffering from Hearing Loss?

Don’t wait too long to get the medical assistance you need. We have Home Care Services in New York City, New York that can deliver audiology services right to you. This means you won’t have to sit for long hours in the clinic for a check-up. With our help, you can enjoy:

  • Better management and rehabilitation for auditory impairments.
  • Specific care treatments.
  • Guidance in using hearing aids.
  • Education and counseling for improved communication skills.

Now, isn’t that convenient? If you think so too, reach out to us today! You can either leave us a message below or give us a call. You’ll find that all of our contact details are readily listed down below.

We’re excited to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend whom you think needs our services too.


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