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Keeping Your Loved One Warm In Winter

Keeping Your Loved One Warm In Winter

We’re well into the month of October, and the air is getting chillier by the day. And as mother nature’s thermometer drops, so does body temperature for many seniors. While we’re used to hearing our elderly complain that it’s cold and cranking up the thermostat, there is scientifically sound data to support their daily chills.

Seniors have thinner skin, which makes them unable to tolerate fluctuating temperatures. When a person is cold, the heart pumps less blood to the skin, and tiny blood vessels constrict to conserve heat. Aging reduces the elasticity of your blood vessel walls and thins out the fat layer under your skin that helps preserve body heat.

Older individuals are at high risk for cold-related death. CDC consistently reports that more people die from excessive cold than excessive heat.

Keeping seniors warm and cozy is one of our primary duties at F.A.B LLC Homecare Services. Here are a few tips we use to keep patients under our Home health care agency away from the cold:

  • Keep the home heated at a temperature of 68 F to 70 F
  • Close heat vents and doors in rooms that are seldom used
  • Dress your loved one is warm, easy to take off, layers
  • Keep track of weather reports
  • Make sure your loved one is eating the right food and getting all the nutrition they need

Doing these yourself may feel overwhelming, so taking advantage of our Home Care Services in New York City, New York will really make things easier on you and your elderly loved one.

If you’re looking for quality Home Health Aide in New York, just give us a call. We’re always ready to lend a hand! Dial 646-664-8946 to get in touch.

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