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Respiratory Health

Respiratory Health

Respiratory Therapy for lung health is important for optimum health during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Apart from Respiratory assistance ordered by the physician, we at the Agency of F.A.B. LLC Homecare Services prefer to be proactive in caring for our clients rather than being reactive. In essence, we prefer preventative measures rather than cure.

These are the steps we recommend to maintain and improve our respiratory status after a day of mandatory mask-wearing instruction:

  • Get a bag of balloons.
  • Blow air from your lungs into the balloon.
  • Try to keep the flow of air going into the balloon for as long as you can until you get the urge to inhale.
  • Inhale as deeply as you can. This will promote the exchange of oxygen efficiently by keeping your alveoli sacs clear and promoting free-flowing gas exchange.

Do this as often as possible. When the balloon gets old and loses its elasticity, make sure to get a new one and start the process over as many times as needed.

F.A.B. LLC Homecare Services aims to keep our clients out of the hospital by promoting and maintaining good health in your home.

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