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How to Find Mobility Aids for Seniors

How to Find Mobility Aids for Seniors

When our loved ones are at the point when mobility aids become necessary, it is crucial that they get to choose the right one. While a Home Health Aide in New York can assist them in walking about, mobility aids provide more efficiency in long-distance movements.

Here are helpful items to consider when looking up for mobility aids that our aging loved ones need to use.

  • CANE
    This is a mobility aid for seniors who are still very able in mobility but will need support in balance and stability. Because canes are intended to make a senior person’s mobility easier and more manageable, these should be strong enough to support about 25% of the person’s weight. Canes are highly recommended for seniors whose mobility impairment is not so much or when only one of their legs is weaker. The right cane is as long as the height from the floor to the person’s wrist creases with the elbows flexed to about 15-20 degrees when they are standing. Would you need assistance in looking for this aid? Providers of Home Care Services in New York City, New York can help you out.
    The option next to cane is walker or rollator, which is ideal for seniors who are unable to stand, walk, or sit unless they have strong support. These devices are intended to support half of the person’s weight. Walkers can be wheeled or not. However, it’s essential that selecting the correct model should fit your loved one’s conditions. In looking for the ideal length of the walker, the same references for canes are used. The walker should be as long as the person’s height from the floor to the crease of their wrist when they are standing and with their elbows flexed to about 20 degrees.
    This mobility device is ideal for seniors who are no longer able to walk but whose hands and arms are still strong and flexible. While seated, their hands should be able to operate the scooter so they can still move from point A to point B. In choosing the right motorized scooter for your loved one, it is essential to consider their weight and what the purpose of the device is. Indoor scooters are different from outdoor scooters. If you’re also looking for assistants to help supervise your loved one on a scooter, contact our Home Health Care Agency.
    This device is ideal for seniors whose walking or standing become very difficult to attain in long periods of time. In choosing their wheelchair, the height and weight of the user should be considered so that the best device is found. To help care for them while on a wheelchair, a provider of home care services to the five boroughs and Nassau County can help them out.

Is your loved one looking for mobility aids? We hope the above-mentioned items are helpful. If you need our kinds of service, contact us at F.A.B LLC Homecare Services.

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