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Why Occupational Therapy Matters

Why Occupational Therapy Matters

Have you ever wondered about the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy? Aren’t they just the same? Why do you need to have occupational therapy when you don’t have an occupation? Well, we at F.A.B LLC Homecare Services, a provider of home care services in New York City, New York, can answer your questions.

Because we offer both services as a home health care agency, we can tell you that the two are different. When you are unable to move a certain way after an injury or illness, physical therapy can help you get back on track. Occupational therapy, on the other hand, focuses on helping you do day-to-day activities. 

home health aide in New York, who has extensive experience in performing occupational therapy for our patients, can tell you how occupational therapy can improve your quality of life. As you grow older, changes in your body hinder your ability to complete basic tasks. Activities like changing your clothes, climbing up the stairs, or even cooking will become tough to accomplish. Occupational therapy can help make those tasks less trying.

Our occupational therapists have extensive experience in working with patients in part due to our being a provider of homecare services to the five boroughs and Nassau County. If you need more information or want to discuss this with us in detail, contact us.

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