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Fall Prevention: Know the Causes of Elderly Falls

 Fall Prevention: Know the Causes of Elderly Falls

Fall incidents among the elderly persons lead to injuries, disabilities, and even worse. In fact, the National Council for Aging reports that for every four American seniors aged 65+, one of them has experienced a fall. Furthermore, the same factsheet says that in every 19 minutes, a senior person perishes due to fall incidents.

These simply highlight how crucial fall prevention is at home. We need to implement safety precautions so that these falls can be avoided. However, knowing what causes the falls can better equip us in preventing these incidents. Consider the quick enumeration below:

  • Reduced Physical Ability
    Seniors experience a decline in their physical strength, bone density, and balance and coordination. Because of this, they can easily lose their balance, putting them at risk to slips or falls. It is with these instances that a provider of Home Care Services in New York City, New York can assist the senior.
  • Vision Issues
    It is also part of aging that seniors can have vision limitations through the years. When their vision gets blurry, they may be unable to see clearly where they are going. As a result, they can be at risk to falls, trips on the steps, and even slips in puddles. Ensure that your loved one goes to their eye doctor for a checkup. Let a Home Health Aide in New York keep them company if they need another’s presence.
  • Medication Side Effects
    Another cause of falls among the elderly is the reaction to the medicines they are taking. Common medication side effects include dizziness and drowsiness, which causes a senior person to lose their sense of balance. If they are taking more than one medication, the symptoms can even get complicated.
  • Chronic Ailments
    When your loved one also has chronic disease such as arthritis or heart disease, they can be at risk to falls. These conditions can impair a person’s sense of strength and balance, which results to them sliding or slipping in unsupervised situations. Because of this, ensure that they have the mobility assistance they need from a provider of home care services to the five boroughs and Nassau County.
  • Daily Chores
    Because seniors stay at home most of the time, their risks to falling increase in this place. When they are doing chores that are beyond their strength and health, they can be at risk to losing their balance and falling. With this, it is ideal that they get the support of a Home Health Care Agency staff. Falls should not limit a senior person’s movement at home, hence, the assistance.

When it comes to elderly falls, there are still other causes that were not included here. However, the above-mentioned list is already a good start to watch out for. At F.A.B LLC Homecare Services, we can also help improve the wellbeing of your aging loved one at home.

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